Herdolf Colerdg Mara Jade
California, USA

Mara's hour on 16 December 2004.

Dinner's over...let's play w/ some catnip

You're a good player


Lala! New player on the bed!

OK... Lala!!!! Arrrrgh!

I'm tired now
December 2004
November 2004 - MaraJade with her best buddy Savannah.
Game seems rough but MaraJade is very gentle.
Age 11 weeks.
Herdolf Colerdg Mara Jade
"Sit Mara, sit"
Mara l-o-v-e-s ET's hair.
Mara in action. Please, kitchen will be renovated within two weeks =o)
Mara stalking a cat.
Mara chasing our Luigi-cat (16 yrs!).
Mara stalking another cat on the counter.
Mara on the right, yellow & brown boy and the red girl.
Mara and the yellow boy. Hind legs are grand-daddy Hermann's.
Mara rear facing camera. So far the only shot together with dad Obi.




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